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hell yea

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My 10 favourite super-proggy Psygnosis/ Psyclapse game covers.

Obviously almost all of these are Roger Dean covers. (Menace is Ian Craig; Ballistix is Melvyn Grant; I’m not sure who drew Awesome.)

Illustration / fantasy art is a really important nexus point in 70s/80s nerdboy culture - it joined the emergent RPGs and home computer scenes to the waning prog rock and underground music/hippie scenes - throw alt.comix in there somewhere too maybe.

weird how alt.comix diverge in/at this point from “underground” comix sensibility

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Asakura Kouhei (Japan)

Japanese artist Asakura Kouhei grew up close to nature, in a place rich with greenery and filled with surprises. Inspired by the natural surroundings of his childhood, he focuses on translating nature’s journey through watercolour, coloured pencil and unique color and pattern combinations.

[more Asakura Kouhei | artist found at 2headedsnake]

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why are girls so cute like god damn curves and boobs and those legs and your hair and your skin and your voices and just like hot damn girls in thigh highs and maid outfits and oversized sweaters and messy hair and piercings and dresses

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it’s a double giveaway, all the way. pack one is a Birthmarks cd; pack two is the brand new glowin’ cosmic cube. each comes with ‘matching birthmarks’ temporary tattoos! awesome! 

reblog (feel free to mention which pack you’d prefer on your blog) or like as many times as you want. two winners will be randomly chosen late on May 1.

in my whole life i have never wanted anything quite as much as that glorious glowing cube